Ninja Blade

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Ninja Blade

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Ninja Blade PC Game Download

Game Info :

Ninja Blade tells the story of Ken Ogawa, a ninja that is trying oh-so-hard to be just like Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja
Gaiden. He jumps out of helicopters, shuns stealth, and fights all
sorts of nasty creatures. A parasitic outbreak has hit Tokyo, turning
everyone and everything into destruction happy monsters bent on turning
the entire world into a pile of rubble. The only hope, naturally, is

This tale is told through a series of cutscenes and quick-time-events (sequences where the player
is required to push a series of buttons as they flash on the screen to
interact with a cutscene) in a fairly traditional anime fashion. With
voiceovers that switch between English and Japanese and a fractured
storyline, Ninja Blade toes the line between something mainstream America will be familiar with and a story that feels foreign.

If you’re going to play Ninja Blade,
it’s for the totally ridiculous and over-the-top action that closes out
each level. Ken Ogawa doesn’t just kill these parasitic monsters of the
night. He ends them with the kind of style great B-movies are made of.
What’s the best way to kill a giant spider? With a wrecking ball, of
course. Cars and rubble flying through the air aren’t just debris. They’re platforms to run atop and jump off. These are all played out through quick-time-events to keep the player
engaged, not that you really need any encouragement. These kill moves
had the entire IGN editorial office cheering at their sheer lunacy.

Game Features :

• Unique ninja abilities. To help defeat the genetically mutated monsters, players will have the special abilities of Ninja Vision and Todomé Attack at their fingertips. Enabling Ninja
Vision will allow players to detect and analyze potential enemy weak
points, secret paths and hidden information within the environment.
Beware, though, that while using Ninja
Vision, characters become susceptible to excess damage. Todomé Attack is
a special attack that destroys an enemy character’s core (heart), by
dealing a fatal wound. Balanced and calculated use of both these
abilities will be critical to progressing through the game.

• Variety of weapons, tools and Ninjutsu — specialized Ninja
powers — offer an enticing array of options. Varied environments force
players to think strategically about which set of weapons and tools will
be most effective at conquering their way through different levels.
Everything from dual-wielding swords to grapple wire hooks and grenades
has distinctive features and characteristics, so choose wisely! Ninjutsu
is a special power that results in an explosive electrical force to
either stun enemies or protect oneself from attack. Only true Ninja Masters can achieve this technique.

Interactive quick-time events. Scattered throughout integral parts of
the storyline, characters will come across various quick-time events
where players will have the opportunity to directly interact with
in-game cut scenes. Quick reflexes will be rewarded as players interact
with controller buttons as directed on screen during intense battles.

• Modern realism. Ninja Blade offers a fresh twist to the classic ninja saga by basing all 3-D gaming maps directly from the actual skyscrapers and building tops in modern-day Tokyo.

Minimum System Requirements :

Processor : Intel Pentium 4 at 3.2 GHz / Athlon XP 2500+

Card : 256 MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible video card With Shader Model 3.0
support (Nvidia Geforce 7300 or better / ATI Radeon 9250 or better )

Memory : 1 GB

Hard Disk : 5 GB of free Hard Drive Space

Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista

Sound Card : DirectX 9.0 Compatible

Direct X : 9.0c

Installation : DVD-ROM Drive

Ninja Blade | PC | FULL | Single Link | 3.77 GB vfxwi8w42hn1.html
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