Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2

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Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2

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Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 PC Game Download


Game Info
Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy
Players: 8
Release Date: October 24, 2000

strange new technologies and hungering for revenge, the Soviet Empire
invades America. New York City and Washington are overwhelmed. Allied
forces, unprepared for the surprise attack, are decimated. Will freedom
be crushed under the heels of Communist aggression?

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
is the sequel to the three million selling, award winning real-time
strategy game Red Alert. Red Alert 2 brings players back to the
alternate universe of Red Alert with an onslaught of new units, tactics
and strategies. As in the original, gamers can choose to lead Soviet or
Allied forces. Soviet commanders will invade North America and try to
claim it for mother Russia. Allied commanders will fight to push back
the invaders and save liberty. Both sides are well armed with
conventional weapons and experimental technology. The Soviets can engage
in psychic warfare, wield nuclear weapons and fry all they survey with
Tesla technology. Allied forces can teleport with chrono technology,
conduct covert operations with the help of Gap Generators, and rain down
lightning bolts through weather control. Supporting these high powered,
advanced weapons are massive conventional forces, including armies, air
power and navies.

System Requirements
* Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95/NT6.0
* 266MHz Pentium II processor
- 450MHz recommended
* 64Mb RAM
- 128Mb RAM recommended
* 2Mb PCI AGP video card with 16-bit color (No hardware acceleration required)
- 3D Hardware acceleration recommended
* 350Mb harddisk space (plus space for saved games, Windows swap-file and DirectX)

Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 PC Game Download Links
1. Working: Ra2.part01.rar.html
2. Working: Ra2.part02.rar.html
3. Working: Ra2.part03.rar.html
4. Working: Ra2.part04.rar.html
5. Working: Ra2.part05.rar.html

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