Prison Break : The Conspiracy

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Prison Break : The Conspiracy

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Prison Break : The Conspiracy PC Game Download


The protagonist of "Prison Break:The Conspiracy" video game is Company agent Tom Paxton, a ZootFly-developed new character for the video game plot.[4] He is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to unravel the mystery behind Michael Scofield (the hero of the TV series) being in the same prison as his brother Lincoln Burrows. Paxton's boss, Jack Mannix, sends him undercover in Fox River Penitentiary to observe Michael Scofield. He does this and reports back to Mannix multiple times. Paxton records his thoughts and one of his conversations with Mannix as his insurance. Paxton manages to become acquainted with C-note, T-Bag, and John Abruzzi (which gets him onto the PI crew). Parallel to the time of the riot in the first season, Paxton fights his way through inmates and and gets into a fight with T-Bag. He observes Lincoln killing an inmate named Turk (in self-defense). Paxton investigates Turk's body and finds a note that says "kill Burrows and Paxton".

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