Rogue Warrior (2010)

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Rogue Warrior (2010)

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Rogue Warrior (2010) PC Game Download

Core 2 Duo E6400
graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 8800 or better)
Windows XP / Vista

Rogue Warrior is a game with the FPS genre, created by Zombie Studios on behalf of Bethesda Softworks. Among the target platforms were consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), as well as personal computers PC. These systems cope well with the engine because the third generation Unreal Engine, responsible for rendering three-dimensional graphic design in this product.

Virtual scenario presents us with the adventures elite SEAL
commander, forming part of the United States Navy. Protagonist, along
with a group of his subordinates, goes to the Far East to perform a
series of dangerous missions deep in the territory of communist North
Korea. The amount of weapons and additional equipment is very limited,
so often avoid contact with the enemy turns out to be a better solution
than direct confrontation. The background of all is the matter of North
Korean nuclear arsenal.

It is worth noting that the story
refers, in a sense to a book, bearing the title of the Rogue Warrior
and written by former U.S. Special Forces soldier named Richard
Marcinko. This expert, of course, work closely with the developers. The main purpose of the latter was the creation of a virtual battlefield, giving the player great freedom.

Rogue Warrior (2010) | PC | FULL | Single Link | 1.57 GB izaclm8fn1cm.html

Rogue Warrior (2010)
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16. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part16.rar
17. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part17.rar
18. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part18.rar
19. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part19.rar
20. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part20.rar
21. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part21.rar
22. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part22.rar
23. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part23.rar
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33. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part33.rar
34. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part34.rar
35. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part35.rar
36. Working: Rogue_Warrior_2010_.part36.rar
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