Tactical Intervention (2010)

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Tactical Intervention (2010)

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Tactical Intervention (2010) PC Game Download

Tactical Intervention (2010/ENG/Beta)
English | PC | 3.40 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Shooter author Counter-Strike. Graphically the game
looks, of course, better Counter-Strike, but the stars from the sky is
not enough – everything is very lean and in the case, no frills. The
main innovations are: the hostages are now not brainless bots – they
react to every shot, you’re not blindly follow, get in the way and can
be used by terrorists as human shields. Another element – a dog.
Seriously, the Tactical Intervention is a “service” dog – Shepherd and Rottweilers – which the player
can issue commands. “To sit, lie down, FAS, Cusi, vermin” – about how
it will look. Finally, the time for each round significantly reduced
compared with the same Counter-Strike. A former colleague Valve does not
want snipers holed up in their cozy positions. Two minutes for one round – this is the best option.

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel P4-2.4C or AMD CPU of the same capacity
RAM: Over 2GB
VGA: ATI RADEON 9550/NVIDIA Geforce 7200

1. Start the “Tactical Intervention Installer.exe” and install the game.
2. After installation, click “Quit” in proessa and installer, and copy all files from “Game Directory” in the folder with the established game.
3. Copy the files from the “Offline Crack” folder “/ games / tacint” with replacement
4. DO NOT run the game through the launcher, use the file “ti.exe”. Create a shortcut to rbochey table if necessary.
5. Run “ti.exe” in the game
press “F2″ (console) and write: startmap (name cards). For example
“startmap mis_skyrise.bsp”. To add bots in the console write: sv_cheats
1, and then bot_add.
6. Playing

Tactical Intervention (2010/ENG/Beta)
1. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part01.rar/
2. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part02.rar/
3. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part03.rar/
4. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part04.rar/
5. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part05.rar/
6. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part06.rar/
7. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part07.rar/
8. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part08.rar/
9. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part09.rar/
10. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part10.rar/
11. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part11.rar/
12. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part12.rar/
13. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part13.rar/
14. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part14.rar/
15. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part15.rar/
16. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part16.rar/
17. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part17.rar/
18. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part18.rar/
19. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part19.rar/
20. Working: uploading.com Tactical_Intervention_2010_ENG__Offline.part20.rar/

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