Greed: Black Border (2009)

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Greed: Black Border (2009)

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Greed: Black Border (2009) PC Game Download

Genre: 3D Action / RPG game, hack 'n' slash
Released: Dec, 2009
Language: English
Download Size: 742 MB

GREED: Black Border is a mix of Diablo and Shadowgrounds. At the start of the game the player chooses one of three available characters to uncover the mysteries of the mining ship with. The pyro likes it up close and hot and uses uses only a flamethrower.
The marine relies on his gatling gun to keep the enemies at bay but can
also take a beating thanks to his heavy armor. The third character is
the plasma-engineer. She uses a sniper-rifle and takes out the enemies
from the distance. The player can not change the appearance or values of
his character. Instead the individualisation happens through the
investment of skill points. Each level up grants one skill point and two
attribute points allowing the player to increase the shield
energy or the health of his character. The skill point on the other
hand is used to unlock or upgrade new talents through a three-part skill
tree. Divided into active (e.g. throwing a grenade), offensive (e.g.
automatic knock-back every few seconds) and defensive (e.g. automatic
healing) skills, the player can only use one talent of each section at the same time.

Like in every other Hack 'n Slash-RPG these talents help to fight the hordes and hordes of enemies the player
will encounter on his journey and will be his only source of experience
points. But the most damage is of course done by using weapons. Each
character can only use his weapon-class and in singleplayer only those
will drop differing in quality and attributes. The same goes for the
armor which only consists of helmet (except for the plasma-engineer) and
chest. To add a bit more variation, some of the higher quality items
have one or more upgrade slots available. Modules dropped by enemies or
bought at the merchant can be inserted for increased firepower or better
shielding. The merchant, once unlocked, is accessible every five
minutes through the use of a teleporter. If the enemies come too close, the player can perform a dodge-move like in ClockStone's first game Avencast: Rise of the Mage making the combat more action-oriented.

System Requirements
* DirectX 9c compatible graphics card with Shader 2.0 (GeForce 6200 or Radeon 9700 min)
* CPU: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz or Athlon 64 3500 +
* Min RAM. 1 GB
* Display: 1024x768
* DVD-ROM drive

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